Taking Care of Your Lashes

Your lashes can last up to 6 weeks depending on how well you take care of them. Follow the guidelines below to make sure you get the most of your fabulous investment.

  • Make sure your lashes are free of any make up/mascara/shadows/liner for your lash appointment.
  • Avoid caffeine or any stimulants at least four hours prior to your lash appointment.
  • Keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours. (No showers, swimming, heavy workouts)
  • Avoid steam for 72 hours (Saunas/steam rooms/ facials with steam/cooking with steam)
  • Do not wear waterproof make up. Make sure to use products that can be removed with oil-free cleansers.
  • Anything oily degrades the glue. This includes makeup, eye creams, eye serums, lotions, etc.
  • Do not ever pick or pull at your lashes. If a lash is bothering you, use a q-tip and oil to remove the lash.
  • Brush your lashes daily. Brushing encourages any lashes in the telegenic state to come out, while keeping them looking gorgeous and untangled.
  • Avoid sleeping on your lashes.  You will experience lash loss on whichever side you sleep on. Use a silk pillowcase if possible. Cotton causes breakage to your hair, including your lashes! Silk can help with wrinkles too, which is always a plus!
  • Cleanse your face nightly to ensure your lashes are fresh and clean while sleeping.
  • If you wear contacts, bring a case/solution to store them during your appointment. If possible, wear glasses for the first 24 hours after your appointment. (Eye drops can weaken the adhesive during the 1st 24 hours)

Waxing - Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Length - 1/4 inch (7-10 days growth)

What if I am on my period?

NO WORRIES. Please bring a tampon. Skin is extra sensitive during this time. Relax. The experienced wax technicians at Skin Sessions are trained on how to gently address these areas.

How long into pregnancy is safe to receive wax services?

We are here for your skincare needs--right up until the due date!

Does it hurt?

Yes.. It will hurt a little. Rest assured, your comfort is our top priority. Our estheticians operate swiftly and smoothly to remove unwanted hair. Please get in touch via email with questions or call today for a brief consultation.


We require 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. 100% of the service will be charged for same day/no show.


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